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Do you long for the day when you will be confident enough in English to simply say what you want?

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General Course

General learning lessons are for individuals who want to improve their English with the use of a course book.

This type of learning is right for you if you can be flexible about meeting time and location.

Personalized Course

Personalized learning lessons are the ideal choice if you would like custom learning goals and a dynamic learning environment.

This type of learning not only personalizes your lessons, but also revolves around your scheduling and location preferences.

Personalized+ Course

Personalized+ learning is a good match if you are looking to develop your English skills quickly.

A combination of one-on-one learning and written homework assignments with adequate feedback help you reach your custom goals with haste.


Proofreading is for you when you need help with your written assignments.

We offer everything from grammar improvements to structural advice and for you to learn why corrections were made, so you can edit your own work in the future!

Please note that all prices exclude MOMS/VAT




  • Personalized language goals
  • Identification of areas for improvement
  • 1 on 1 Education




  • Personalized language goals
  • Identification of areas for improvement
  • 1 on 1 Education
  • Adaptive Education (job/theme relevant lessons)
  • Correction of written assignments
  • On demand E-mail and phone support
  • Project proofreading
  • Speedy response E-mail proofreading (2 hour average return rate)




  • Grammar Improvements
  • Spelling Corrections
  • Punctuation Adjustments
  • Structural Advice *
  • Vocabulary Guidance *
  • * Specialized projects may require an additional fee.

Kirsten is a fantastic and enthusiastic teacher who is willing to teach in her own way--with her own interesting materials/books, always based on the student's job, need and level. I really enjoyed every single lesson with Kirsten; I learned a lot and had a really good time too.

Rikke Advanced learner

I have enjoyed having Kirsten as my teacher because she varied the lessons and always gave me the possibility to learn in different ways. So a 2.5 hour lesson just flew by like the wind! That is not only because of the way she teaches, but also because of her lovely nature--nice and friendly, with a great sense of humor. She has a good intuition about people and knows how to “read” them quickly and find their areas of weakness. I have learned a lot from her and I think my grammar level has raised drastically after having her as my teacher for a year.

Gerda Advanced learner

As good as you could wish for. During my early education I received some tutoring. The qualities of both student and tutor are critical for good achievement. A superb tutor manages to keep the student interested, happy and motivated. Tools such as ingenuity, tenacity, patience, structure, and curiosity paired with a positive attitude helps this SUPERB tutor, Kirsten Comlossy. Our children are happy to have her as their tutor. She is a gem.

Jockum Parent of students

Kirsten is very professional in her work and adopts the right strategies for each person to ensure maximum results and no one gets bored. In other words, she is at the same time effective and fun. She is very patient and persevering with her students' difficulties and encourages people to do their best.

Raffaella Intermediate learner

In 2011, I took some ESP (English for Specific Purpose) courses from Kirsten that improved my English fluency in the context of social science. She created such a comfortable learning environment that learning English became more fun and effortless. She delivered the teaching material according to my needs. What I really admire about her teaching method is that she does not categorize her students according to the known methods; rather she customizes the teaching method according to the needs of students. She is always prepared for you and has high expectations.

Maria Advanced learner
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